Conveyor Belts for Meat Industry

Inbelts provide food grade conveyor belts for meat processing plant. Our belts comply with the strict requirements of food processing regulations. And our thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE) belts is especially suitable for meat processing and can ensure safe and hygienic processing of meat and poultry.

Conveyor Belts for Meat Industry
Conveyor Belts for Meat Industry

Meat processing kill plants convey heavy products past workstations such as deboning and jointing lines. And the conveyor belts need to have strength and exceptional hygiene. We can provide conveyor belt solution for slaughter line, cutting line, cooking line, etc.

Types of Belts Used in Meat Industry

We offer hygienic design and chemical resistance to improve food safety, helping you master every challenge. You can get belts like:

  • PVC Belts
  • TPU Belts
  • TPE Belts
  • Teflon Belts
  • Timing Belt

Features of Belts Used in Meat Industry

  • Food Grade Standard (FDA Regulation)
  • Temperature Resistance (Cold Resistance and Hot Resistance)
  • Wear And Impact Resistance (Cutting, etc.)
  • Chemical Resistance (Mainly Happen During Clearing)
  • Efficient Cleaning and Sanitation (avoiding the risk of cross-contamination)
  • Resistance to Fat and Oils


Inbelts can provide food grade conveyor belts to meet the conveying requirement of heavy duty meat processing application. Our food grade conveyor belts can be used in conveying raw, cooked, and packaged meats.

Conveyor Belt for Meat Processing Plant Line

Common Meat Products

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Goat
  • Turkey
  • Alligator

Meat Primary Processing

  • Slaughterhouse Lines/Boning and De-Boning Lines (Boning Lines Where High impact and heavy wear and tear are commonplace).
  • Meat Cutting Line (Resistant to Cuts and Abrasions).
  • Frozen Meat Blocks
  • Shock Freezing Sub Zero conveying (Cold resistance belts will be needed.)
  • Meat Elevator

Meat Further Processing

  • Slicing lines (Belt for Sliced Products)
  • Minced Meat Lines (Belt for Moist Product)
  • Sausage Machine
  • Offal Lines (Corrugated Side Wall Belt for Collect Offal Separately)
  • Meat Elevator

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Inbelt is food grade conveyor belt manufacturer. We provide belts for Meat Industry.
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Inbelt provides conveyor belts solutions of industries of food, beverage, construction, material handling, packaging, paper, textile, automotive, tobacco, tannery, sport and leisure, recycling, etc.