Belt Fastener

Mechanical conveyor belt lace is one of the most popular fastening ways because of its high strength, durability and easy installation. Choosing a proper mechanical belt fastening system is one of the most important steps in splicing a belt. Our conveyor belt lacing options are available for different belts solutions.

Light-duty Belt Fastener

In light-duty applications like agriculture, parcel handling, food, and laundry, belt fasteners are available in hook, clipper, staple, lacing styles, are installed into both ends of the belt, and are joined together with a hinge pin. Installation methods vary from machine application to using hand tools, and the fasteners are available in a variety of metals, plastics, and in some cases, food-grade materials. 

Choosing the proper mechanical belt fastening system is one of the most important steps in splicing a belt. Use the filters at the left to refine your results and find the mechanical belt fastening system that is best suited to your application.

Type MODEL NO Length / PCS Belt Thickness (mm) Qty (PCS/BOX)
Wire Hook Fasteners WHF0 300mm 0.6-1.5mm 12 pcs/ box
WHF1 300mm 1.6-2.8mm 12 pcs/ box
WHF2 300mm 2.8-4.0mm 12 pcs/ box
WHF3 300mm 4.0-4.8mm 12 pcs/ box
WHF4 300mm 4.8-5.6mm 12 pcs/ box
WHF5 300mm 6.4-7.1mm 12 pcs/ box
WHF6 300mm 7.1-8.0 mm 12 pcs/ box
WHF7 300mm 9.0-10mm 12 pcs/ box
Alligator  Fasteners AF1 1.2M 1.5-2.5mm 8 pcs / box
AF7 1.2M 2.5-3.5mm 8 pcs / box
AF15 1.2M 3.5-5.0mm 8 pcs / box
Alligator Staple Fasteners ASF1 1.2M 1.5-3.0mm 8 pcs / box
ASF2 1.2M 3.0-5.0mm 8 pcs / box
ASF3 1.2M 5.0-6.4mm 8 pcs / box
Nylon Spiral lace Fastening NSF45 20m 1.6mm -3.2mm 20m / Roll
NSF60 20m 3.2mm-4.6mm 20m / Roll

Our Belts Fastener

Inbelts is professional conveyor belts fastener manufacturer in China. You can get all these types of belts fastener from our company.
Nylon Spiral Lace Belt Fastener

Nylon Spiral Lace Belt Fastener

Nylon Fasteners is ideal for belt operations with small head pulleys that require both non-metallic and low-profile fasteners.
Alligator Staple Belt Fastener

Alligator Staple Belt Fastener

The Alligator Staple Belt Fastener is a fast way to join belt and easy to install. It suits for belt width of 1.5-6.4mm.
Alligator Clipper Belt Fastener

Alligator Clipper Belt Fastener

The Alligator Clipper Belt Fastener can make the belt joining with High strength and Durability. It suits for belt width of 1.5-5mm.
Wire Hook Belt Fastener

Wire Hook Belt Fastener

The Wire Hook Belt Fastener is easy to install and an economic way to join belts. It suits for belt width of 0.6-10mm.

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