Seamless Belts

Inbelts is a seamless belts manufacturer in China. Our Seamless conveyor belts are custom-engineered products for specific application needs. We provide Power Transmission Belts and Surface Coated Conveyor Belts. The seamless belt substrates include polyurethane (PU), silicone, rubber and neoprene. Tensile reinforcement options include polyester, cotton, nylon, steel and fiberglass.

Seamless Conveyor Belts

The seamless conveyor belt is a truly seamless woven (using endless woven) belt. Through our strict quality control, the consistency of belt size and tolerance is maintained.

The Types of Seamless Belt

The substrate of seamless conveyor belt is manufactured endless on looms or knitted as a tube. Inbelts can supply seamless belts for different industries.

  • Power Transmission Belts
    The seamless transmission belts can be used in light duty applications, including lathes, grinders, vacuum cleaners, and spindle drives. The strength are based on different fabric designs.
  • Surface Coated Conveyor Belts
    The surface coated seamless conveyor belts are able to transport light objects. The surface of the coated conveyor belts can be different materials.

The Types of Endless Woven

The endless-woven can be:

  • polyester,
  • nylon,
  • cotton.

The Surface of Seamless Belt

The surface of true endless woven belts are manufactured based on individual applications requirements. The fabric layer is then coated with TPU, PVC, or silicone, depending on the application requirements.

You can get seamless belts:

  • Seamless TPU Belts
  • Seamless PVC Belts
  • Seamless Silicon Belts
  • Seamless Rubber Belts

The different surface coated materials are chosen according to your requirement. We can provide the right seamless conveyor belts for your projects.

Applications of Seamless Belts

High-performance flat belts have experienced remarkable developments in response to demand for their use. Seamless belts are custom-engineered products for specific application needs.

The seamless belts can be used in industries like:

  • Textile
  • Banking
  • Materials Handling
  • Office Equipment
  • Imaging
  • Postal
  • Fiber Optics

The seamless belts can be used in handling objects:

  • Power Transmission
  • Document Transport
  • PC Board Conveyor
  • Light Weight Tube Winders
  • High Speed Power Transmission
  • Currency Transport
  • Drum Drive
  • Yarn Twister
  • Spinning Frame

Our Seamless Conveyor Belts

Inbelts is professional seamless conveyor belts manufacturer in China. You can get all these types of seamless belts from our company.

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Inbelts provides conveyor belts and belt conveyors for different industries like food process, tobacco, logistics, airport, printing, electronics, fitness equipment, wood process, stone and marble process, etc.