Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Food grade belts can play a significant role in modern industry. The food grade belts can contact food directly. Do you want to save time and cost? You can get food grade belts solutions here. You can get Food Grade TPU Belt, PVC Belt, Polyethylene (PE) Belt, TPE Belt, PTFE (Teflon) Belt, Silicon Belt, Canvas Conveyor Belt, etc.
PTFE Belt and Teflon Belt

PTFE Belt and Teflon Belt

Inbelts is experienced in manufacturing high temperature resistant and non-stick PTFE coated conveyor belts, which is also named Teflon belt.
TPU Conveyor Belts

TPU Conveyor Belts

We provide Polyurethane (TPU) conveyor belts which are used in food, printing and dyeing, logistics, and metallurgical fields.
Food Grade PVC Belts

Food Grade PVC Belts

The food grade PVC conveyor belts are types of Synthetic Belts. Our FDA PVC conveyor belt can contact food directly.


Inbelts provides conveyor belts for Food Industry. Our food belts comply with the food regulations FDA.
  • Compliance with food regulations FDA

    Inbelts's PU belts can meet the standard of FDA (Food Grade). Our Belts can contact all types of food directly.
  • High and Low Temperature Resistance

    Inbelts can produce cold and hot resisitance PU conveyor belts with required different temperature environment.
  • Antimicrobial & Safe Feature

    Our PU Belt has antibacterial properties and can make the materials transported safer. This is very important.
  • Chemical & Oil Resistance

    Inbelts can produce PU belts for chemical industry and food industry to meet oil running environment.

Food safety is the constant goal of the food processing industry. This can only be achieved through implementation of stringent sanitation practices. Selecting belts of a proper construction is a critical component in a total plant hygiene and sanitation strategy. Inbelts belt food grade belts solution for a wide range of food processing and packaging, and beverage applications. Move food products safely and efficiently with less fuss.

What Can We Supply?

Our Food Grade Belt are widely used in modern food industry. They can suit for different working environment and temperature. We provide Food Grade PVC BELT including:

  • TPU Belt, -20~+80(100)℃;
  • PVC Belt, -20~+80℃;
  • Thermoplastic Polyethylene (TPE) Belt, -30~+110℃;
  • PTFE (Teflon) Belt, -70~+260℃;
  • Canvas Belt (Biscuit), ~200℃;
  • Silicon Belt, -30 ~+180℃.

What Are The Applications?

  • Bakeries
  • Vegetables
  • Poutry and Meat
  • Dairy
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Snacks
  • Confectionery
  • Medical & Cosmetics.

Why to Choose Inbelts?

Do you want to save time and cost? You can get food grade belts solutions here. Inbelts are one stop shop for high quality & industry standard food grade conveyor belts.

We have experienced experts who know how to provide good performance belts and hep you save money. Whether your needs include chemical or heat compatibility, flex, load-carrying capacity, or release characteristics, Inbelts will work with you to solve whatever conveyance problems your operation encounters.

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FDA (Food Grade) Belt Applications

Inbelts offer solutions of Food Grade Polyurethane (PU) belts and PVC Belt for food industry.
  • Belts for Fruits Sorting

    Conveyor belts are widely used as fruit conveyor belts for fruit sorting and processing applications.
  • Belts for Vegetable Processing

    Belts for vegetable processing, such as washing elevators, fresh cut, cooked, and frozen package lines etc.
  • Belts for Poultry & Meat Processing

    Poultry & Meat Industry have very strict requirement on safety. Our belts have hygienic and chemical resistance feature belts for the belting solutions.
  • Belts for Bakery Industry

    Bakery conveyor belts need good oil & fat resistance, and non-sticky, easy to clean features. We offer ideal solutions for the bakery processing.
  • Belts for Medical Industry

    Conveyor belts compliance with FDA standard, which are safely used in pharmaceutical and medical industries.
  • Belts for Candy industry

    Covneyor belts compliance with food grade standard. It can be use in conveying candy in a production line.


Inbelts provides conveyor belts and belt conveyors for different industries like food process, tobacco, logistics, airport, printing, electronics, fitness equipment, wood process, stone and marble process, etc.