Conveyor Belt for Fruit & Vegetables Industry

Inbelts provide food grade conveyor belts for fruit and vegetables. Our belts are fully compliant with the latest food regulations. To meet your application needs in the agriculture, fruit and vegetable industry. Inbelts solutions ensure risk-free processing from farm to fork.

Conveyor Belt for Fruit & Vegetables Industry
Conveyor Belt for Fruit & Vegetables Industry

Facilities processing fresh produce must handle products carefully, quickly and with the highest regard for sanitation. To accommodate high-speed harvesting equipment, specialty belts are required. Our portfolio of solutions is fully compliant with the latest food regulations.

Types of Belts

Fruit & Vegetable facilities need conveyor belts that meet FDA and FSMA guidelines (Or Other Standard for food Industry) to prevent contamination and protect consumer safety. We are the leading global fruit and vegetable conveyor belt manufacturer offering all types of food grade conveyor belts for fruit and vegetable industry.

  • PVC Coating Belts
  • TPU Fabric Belts
  • Modular Belts
  • Teflon (PTFE) Belts

Belt for Fruit Industry

Extracting juice and pulp from fruit in canneries has produced a series of complex machinery that sort, core and peel a wide variety of fruit.

  • Belt for Acidic fruit
  • Frozen Fruit Release Properties

Belt for Vegetable Industry

Vegetable processing is a major industry in many regions of the world. Converting the harvest into a more valuable commodity is key to economic development.

  • Belt for Cut mixed vegetables
  • Perforated drainage belts for washing
  • Belt for Acidic Vegetable Like Tomato
  • Conveyor belts resistant to starch corrosion


Inbelts can provide belt with these characteristic to meet conveying requirement of fruits and vegetables. Our cost-effective solutions and services ensure your operations run at high speeds with minimal downtime. You can find the characteristic you may need.

  • Temperature resistance
  • Efficient cleaning and sanitation
  • Gentle handling of small and delicate products
  • Easy release
  • Low risk of contamination and cross-contamination
  • Wear resistance


  • Grapes Processing
  • Freezing Tunnel
  • Sterilizing
  • Dewatering
  • Sorting
  • Canning
  • Rice Processing
  • Pineapple Canning
  • Cabbage Elevator
  • Mushroom Sorting
  • Spinach Washing
  • Corn Cutting
  • Corn Elevator

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Inbelt is food grade conveyor belt manufacturer. We provide belts for Fruit & Vegetables.
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Inbelt provides conveyor belts solutions of industries of food, beverage, construction, material handling, packaging, paper, textile, automotive, tobacco, tannery, sport and leisure, recycling, etc.