Conveyor Belt for Dairy Industry

Inbelts food grade conveyor belts serves the dairy industry with the highest quality and efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution which reduces bacteria counts and maintenance costs.

Conveyor Belt for Dairy Industry
Conveyor Belt for Dairy Industry

Cheese and milk powder manufacturing are main part of dairy processing. Due to the underdone fermentation, the cheese conveyor belt need special care in handling and cleaning. Even the correct use of chemicals in disinfection and removing biofilm can damage belts.

Dairy Cheese and Milk Powder Conveyor Belts

Types of Belts Used in Dairy Industry

We manufacture food grade belt for dairy industry. Our conveyor belts can provide a safer and more hygienic environment for the cheese industry.

  • TPU Conveyor Belt
  • Cleated Conveyor Belt (PU)
  • Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt  (PU)
  • TPE Conveyor Belt


  • Reduces Amp draw on motors
  • Widest range of thermoplastic belts available
  • Non-standard fabrications and perforations
  • Suited to trough conveyors


Our food grade belts can meet international hygiene standards for quality, reliability and food contact.

  • Soft Cheese Conveying (Able to contact various liquids such as whey).
  • Hard Cheese Conveying (Smooth Surface Belt Can be scraped with no resulting damage).
  • Secondary Processing (Cheese Mass, Sliced for Packs or Grated Cheese for Further Use).
  • Handling Blocked Dairy on Elevator
  • Powdered Mill
  • Deep Freeze Applications (Cold Resistance Belt for Low Temperature Environment)
  • Packaging Lines

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Inbelt is food grade conveyor belt manufacturer. We provide belts for Dairy.
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Inbelt provides conveyor belts solutions of industries of food, beverage, construction, material handling, packaging, paper, textile, automotive, tobacco, tannery, sport and leisure, recycling, etc.