Conveyor Belt for Poultry Industry

Inbelts food grade belts ensure safe and hygienic processing of raw and cooked poultry. Our belts comply with the strictest hygiene requirements for the food industry.

Conveyor Belt for Poultry Industry
Conveyor Belt for Poultry Industry

The conveyor belt used in Poultry industry should be resistant to cuts caused by knives and bone fragments and can work in high impact applications, absorbing the shock that would fracture or rip other belts.

Belt for Poultry Processing

We supply full slaughterhouse lines belt and our belts can handle blood, viscera, feathers, and processed meat including bread crumbed and frozen.

Poultry Processing Section

In as Poultry mill, it typically has four section. Our belts can be used in these sections.

  • Primary Processing
  • Secondary Processing
  • Further Processing
  • Inspection and Quality Control

Types of Belts used in Poultry Industry

  • TPE Belt (thermoplastic elastomers belts)
  • TPU Belt (Polyurethane belts)
  • Timing Belt

Conveyor Belt for Poultry Industry

Features of Belt Used in Poultry Industry

  • FDA (Food Grade Standard)
  • Temperature Resistance (Cold Resistance)
  • Wear And Impact Resistance (Cutting, etc.)
  • Chemical Resistance (While Clearing)
  • Efficient Cleaning and Sanitation (avoiding the risk of cross-contamination)
  • Resistance to Fat and Oils

Applications of Belt Used in Poultry Industry

  • Slaughtering Lines
  • Evisceration Lines
  • Chilling Systems
  • Portioning System (Slicer, Dicers and Flatteners)
  • Pre-cooked and Breaded portions (Excess Fats and Particles)
  • Sausages , Nuggets, Ground Meat Conveying
  • Packaging & Shock Freezing lines (Cold Resistance Belt)
  • Metal Detectors
  • Feather Collection

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