Conveyor Belt for Bakery Industry

Inbelts provide food grade conveyor belt for bread, bun lines, biscuit, pastry and pizza production line. We have expanded our hygienic conveyor belts to meet the problematic applications in baking industry.
Conveyor Belt for Bakery Industry
Conveyor Belt for Bakery Industry

Types of Belts for Bakery Industry

Inbelts can food grade conveyor belts manufactured in polyester (PE), polyurethane (TPU), silicone, Teflon (PTFE) and other materials for the Baking & Confectionery Industry. You can get belts which has special characteristic like Cutting Resistance, High Temperature, Non-stick, Metal Detectable, Easy Clean, etc.

Dough Sheeter Conveyor Belt

Types of Food Grade Conveyor Belts

These are common materials of conveyor belts which are used in baker industry.

  • PE Belts
  • TPU Belts
  • Silicone Belt
  • PTFE Belts
  • Canvas Belts (Biscuit Producing)

Surface of Non-stick Belts

These are common surface of non-stick conveyor belts which are often used in bakery industry.

  • Top diamond
  • Top Oval
  • Top Square
  • Embossed Texture
  • Matt Top


Bread/Bun Lines

  • Dough Handling
  • In-feed/Forming
  • Narrow Conveying Line


  • Web Take-away
  • Punch (Docking) Lines
  • Telescopic Scrap Conveyor
  • Pizza Topping
  • Dividing Line
  • Roll Molder

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Inbelt is food grade conveyor belt manufacturer. We provide belts for Bakery and Bread.
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TPU Conveyor Belts

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The food grade PVC conveyor belts are types of Synthetic Belts. Our FDA PVC conveyor belt can contact food directly.
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PTFE Belt (Teflon Belt)

Inbelts are experienced in manufacturing high temperature resistant and non-stick PTFE conveyor belts.


Inbelt provides conveyor belts solutions of industries of food, beverage, construction, material handling, packaging, paper, textile, automotive, tobacco, tannery, sport and leisure, recycling, etc.