Truck Loading and Unloading Conveyor

Inbelts is a portable truck loading and unloading conveyors manufacturer in China. The portable truck loading and unloading conveyor systems are designed to help workers load and unload containers and trailers faster and safer. The maximum loading bearing capacity can be up to 50Kg/m or 100Kg/m.
Truck Loading Conveyor

Truck Loading Conveyor

The truck loading conveyor is a portable conveyor system to load a truck, but it is more than a portable loader. If it has function of reversing, it can be also used to unload goods from trucks. We provide CBLC series, TLC series, TLCP series truck loading unloading conveyors for sale.
Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor

The telescopic belt conveyor is an extendable portable belt conveyor with a telescopic mechanism which allows the belt conveyor to expand and retraction freely in the length direction. It is also a truck loading and unloading conveyor. We can provide FTBC (fixed), MTBC (movable), and ITBC (inclined) series telescopic belt conveyor for sale.
Telescopic Gravity Roller Conveyor

Telescopic Gravity Roller Conveyor

The telescopic gravity roller conveyors are retractable, and these roller conveyors are built in more than one sections which stow in when not in use to occupy little floor space. When extended, it can be used for loading and unloading from small dock trucks to large trailer containers.


Inbelts can provide personalized conveyor systems to meet the different application of loading and unloading trucks.
  • Truck Loading & Unloading

    Used for loading & unloading of Trailers, vans, container trucks.
  • Container Loading Unloading

    Used for loading and unloading of 20ft containers, 40ft containers, etc.
  • Warehouses Sotrage Processing

    Used for stacking, goods loading in and goods loading out in warehouses.

Why Should Choose Our Conveyors?

Faster truck loading and unloading is key to maximizing efficiency in the loading dock, warehouse, factory or distribution center. Our conveyor products are available for heavy packages, fragile items, cartons, sacks and tires. They can be used to convey Cartons, Boxes (Paper or Wooden or Plastic), Bags, Buckets, etc. Our loading and unloading conveyor has features.

  • Time Savings and Efficiency Improvement:
    Truck loading and unloading conveyors are designed to speed up the process of transferring goods between the truck or container and the warehouse or distribution center. They enable a continuous flow of goods, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.
  • Labor Savings and Reduced Manual Errors:
    Automated or semi-automated conveyor systems reduce the need for manual labor in the loading and unloading process. This not only saves on labor costs but also reduce the risk of injuries and damaged goods.
  • Flexible Handling Various Goods:
    Truck loading and unloading conveyors are designed to handle a variety of cargo, including packages, boxes, bags, and pallets. Their flexibility makes them suitable for diverse industries and applications. Our conveyors can provide a flexible conveying solution.
  • Adaptability to Different Truck Sizes:
    Telescopic and adjustable features in truck loading and unloading conveyors enable them to accommodate trucks and containers of various sizes. This adaptability is crucial for handling diverse shipping configurations.
  • Integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS):
    Many modern conveyors can be integrated with WMS or other software systems, providing real-time tracking, inventory management, and data analytics. This integration enhances overall supply chain visibility and control.
  • Higher Operation Safety Improvements:
    Conveyor systems often come with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, guards, and sensors to enhance workplace safety. Automated systems also reduce the need for employees to work in potentially hazardous conditions.
  • Enhanced Customer Service:
    By improving efficiency and reducing errors, truck loading and unloading conveyors contribute to timely and accurate deliveries. This positively impacts customer satisfaction and strengthens the overall supply chain.

Inbelts is the leader in truck and container loading and unloading solutions. We manufacture, install and service a complete range of portable conveyors for truck loading and unloading along with other applications for manufacturing, assembly, order fulfillment, and packaging operations.

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The loading and unloading conveyors supplied by Inbelts are widely used in ports, docks, stations, distribution centers, retail stores, airports and warehouses. Our truck loading conveyors are versatile pieces of equipment used in various industries to simplify and optimize the process of loading goods onto trucks or into containers, and these conveyors can work as unloading conveyors to unload from truck or containers.
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